Membership Development




Benefits for Workers



Whether you are a first-year Apprentice or are a Journeyman Wireman, you have access to multiple courses to continue with your knowledge of the electrical industry. Also available to you are classes to certify you for different qualification such as NFPA 70E, OSHA 10 & 30, First Aid/CPR, and Mid-Voltage Splicing are just a few. Our Apprentices are trained for 4 to 5 years and the only cost that is passed onto them is the books for that year. Most of our Journeymen classes are also free to our members. While attending night school though our apprenticeship you are still able to work during the day.



As a member, you will be expected to work in a safe and workmanlike manner, with contractors that are in compliance with OSHA and NFPA70E standards. While our safety committee meets to discuss different policy to ensure that your health and safety are taken seriously. The goal of our safety training is to ensure you go home to your family every night.


Wages & Benefits

As a member, your wages and benefits will be the best in the business. This is what is deserved as the highest skilled, safest, and most productive in your profession. There is no more arguing for raises on your own. Our contracts are negotiated by our skilled office staff and leadership. Once our contracts have been settled, the entire membership, including yourself, will have a voice and a vote on the distribution of any raises earned. Any contractor can pay you more if they wish but you are guaranteed the minimum.



While our jobs are not guaranteed work, you have access to our referral system. When a job ends or you feel the need for a change, the hall will do its best to refer you out as quickly as we can. There is no more waiting for a temp agency, searching through the newspaper, or going door to door. When our signatory contractor need manpower for a job they call us. You have the opportunity to work for one contractor or multiple contractors through your career.


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Benefits for Contractors



All Local 701 Electricians will be trained by the Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee (JATC) to ensure that you will have the safest, best skilled, and most productive workforce in the industry. Our apprentices go through at least 800hrs of classroom training and 8000hrs of on the job training before they become a Journeyman Wireman. The JATC program is among the best in the business.


Flexible Manpower

As a signatory contractor, you will have access to a large pool of qualified electricians. Whether you are a smaller shop or a 200-man shop, you have access to trained electricians that are a phone call away. The growth of your business should not be limited by your access to a qualified crew of electricians. We ensure you drug free, safe, and highly skilled workers.



Safety training is instilled into every IBEW apprentice and Journeyman and promoted from the first day they become members, through classroom and on the job training. With the hands-on training our apprentices are given, it is easier for them to stay aware and conscious of the hazards that surround them daily. This allows workers to be more productive, reduce loss of time injuries and keep cost low for the contractors. We take pride in providing our contractors with the best trained and most drug free electricians in the industry to ensure the job is done safely.



Through jobsite training and leadership training from the JATC we have the Supervisors and Foreman to help any project run smoothly and efficiently.



As a signatory contractor of Local 701 your electricians are part of our Health and Welfare. Instead of researching and maintaining health care or retirement, your field employees would be part of our benefits program. Our health and welfare is managed by a trustee board made up of contractors and union members to ensure all opinions are heard in any discussion. This can be more efficient for your staff since all benefit payments go to one location.


Code of Excellence

The Code of Excellence is training designed to bring about the best in our construction members and demonstrate to our customers that IBEW members: Perform the highest quality and quantity of work, Utilize their skills and abilities to the maximum, and Exercise safe and productive work practices. All Local 701 electricians and technicians will go through this training. Please visit for more information.



Whether you are just starting up or a stable contractor looking to expand your business. The IBEW is willing to work side by side with our contractors to help with your success on future projects.


For more information: Email John Roti